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A world of culinary delights and exotic flavours await discerning epicures at Kanuhura Maldives. Indulge in delicious and novel dining options and be taken on a sensory journey in unusual and exciting locations to ensure memorable experiences. Romance under the full moon or live a Robinson Crusoe adventure with a castaway picnic. This is island-living at its very best.

Destination Dining

For those looking for a dining experience outside of a restaurant, you can opt for specially crafted destination dining options, just for you.

Barbecue on the Beach
Join us on the beach for a private barbecue with your own personal chef and waiter to create a memorable evening. Choose from a list of flavours ranging from Middle Eastern, South East Asian; classic mixed grill or seafood barbecue.

“Dig In” Dining on the Beach
As dusk settles in and the sky fades from indigo to black, the stars start to appear while you are led to the front of your villa for an unrivalled experience. On your little villa beachfront, not far from the water’s edge, chairs and a table have been masterfully dug into the sand and a special ambiance has been created through the use of candles and lanterns. Table and seat covers as well as cushions are added for comfort—it’s a luxury island dinner setup like no other.

Castaway Picnic
For the ultimate Robinson Crusoe escape, go on a castaway picnic to Masleggihura Island where you’ll have the pleasure of the island all to yourself to explore and snorkel while our chef prepares a lunch over a traditional grill in the sand.

Full Moon Dinner
We don’t think you’ll need the excuse of a beautiful full moon to enjoy this wonderful dinner on the beach, but it does make it an even more spectacular event.

Whisky & Wine

Whisky Flight / Wine Tasting
Appreciate the fine flavours of whisky and wine and learn to savour and appreciate these alcoholic beverages under the guidance of our sommelier. Indulge in a tailor-made wine tasting session, or for those who prefer whisky, enjoy a glorious poolside tasting. Choose to appreciate its fine flavours, or tantilise your taste buds by pairing it with chocolate or cheese.

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